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We are ClipHut!

Our goal is to offer sustainable living opportunities for everyone.


Thomaz first got the idea for ClipHut as a solution to quickly building houses for the large number of refugees that came to Germany in 2016. With ClipHut, easy and fast construction system, the accommodations would be ready to move in after just a few days. Hence, refugees no longer would have to wait months to finally move into a proper house.

At that time, the ClipHut was only a sketch of an idea, however, over time this idea was further developed into the product it is now and we quickly realized that the ClipHut discrete building system brings many opportunities for everyone who wants to build their individual project. 


With ClipHut we offer everyone the opportunity to create a home, not just a house.  Adapt it to your own needs, be involved in the building process in a fun and exciting way, creating a special bond between you and your home. 



Thomaz was born in Brazil and has lived there for most of his life, where he completed his degree in Architecture and Urbanism at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. In 2016, looking for a specialization in digital fabrication he moved to Germany where he completed his master degree in integrated architecture with specialization in computational design at TH-OWL. During his master degree in Detmold, he got the idea for ClipHut and thus began our journey.


Mona was the next to join the start-up in 2019. She comes initially from Potsdam and did her bachelor's and master's degree in Interior Architecture in Detmold. During their studies, Thomaz and Mona got to know each other and she was keen to join ClipHut in the development of the start-up.


Wood as natural recourse:

A unique characteristic of ClipHut is that the entire house is made of wood-based products and doesn't require any unnatural materials such as screws or glue for construction. Besides being a renewable and recyclable material, wood has a lighter carbon footprint than other building materials. With increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere already reaching dangerous levels, just changing the way we build is not enough. To balance our ecosystem, we have to find new ways to capture CO2 from the atmosphere. Since wood products lock in more than 1 ton of CO2 per 1m3 of wood, wood construction may be part of the solution.

Processing trees into wood as a building material requires much less fossil energy than producing bricks, plastic, steel, concrete, or even aluminum. Regarding structural properties wood is much lighter than steel for example, and has the same load-bearing capacity. Compared to concrete it has almost the same compressive strength, but in contrast it can also absorb tensile forces. Additionally, its low weight allows easy transportation of components in large quantities. 

In addition, wood is the most durable of all thermal insulating materials. Due to its cellular structure it has favorable thermal insulation properties and in line with good detailing it helps to avoid thermal bridges.  Today any project that requires energy-efficient building envelopes cannot rule out the use of the building material wood.

Clip technology is adaptable:

However, wood isn't the only reason why ClipHut is sustainable. Our clip technology makes it easy to just disable your ClipHut and store it until the next time you need it. Moreover, if you want your ClipHut to grow or to be assembled in a different way this is also possible thanks to our discrete construction system. Therefore, there is no need to buy a complete new ClipHut but you can always adapt it to your current needs. You can even move with your ClipHut. We wanted to develop a living solution that lasts over time but also through every change in your life.

Creating a sustaining bond:

We believe that if you are involved in the building process of your ClipHut you will in the future appreciate it and will be proud of your creation. It's just like a homemade pottery mug that you love to drink out of because you know the work and effort that went into it. We ensure you that you will have the same connection with your ClipHut and that this feeling will sustain.

We want tomorrow's architecture to be greener.

We want to simplify a sustainable lifestyle.

We are here to make a change.

At ClipHut we want to be as sustainable as possible. Therefore, we always look for the most sustainable solution not only for the end product but for our entire value chain. 


We believe that this world desperately needs some change. Climate crisis, pandemics, wars... this is not a world we want to live in. We want to fight for change and keep believing in the good.

Every day changes are worthy of praise, but they are not enough. We believe that the economy in particular needs innovative ideas to grow sustainably. Hence, we have set ourselves the goal of contributing to this. 

ClipHut is not just a sustainable start-up but the idea for ClipHut was developed due to the many refugees who came in 2015/2016 to Germany. We are actively looking for current problems where ClipHut could get involved and be a help. We don't have the financial means yet to donate our products but we are open to cooperation in order to help others. If you have any suggestions where ClipHut could be of help in a social project please don't hesitate and contact us.

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