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Web Tool

Web tool coming soon - We have been developing our web tool for some time now and look                                                      forward to sharing it with you as soon as possible. 

                                             Until then we can do the design process manually with you. 

A key aspect of our vision is to involve YOU in the design of your home. 

We believe that modern technology can be a great tool to simplify the design process. 

With our web configurator, you can easily design your own project and get design consultancy if needed.

What is our web tool?

The aim of the web tool is to simplify the journey from your design ideas to the finished product. By connecting the dots in a grid you can easily draw the outline of your product idea in our web tool. Next, your sketch will be transformed into a three-dimensional digital model. This makes it possible for you to easily adjust the size, material and other features of your ClipHut according to your wishes. During this process, you will also be shown transparently how the price changes when you adjust certain variables.

What happens next?

Once you are happy with your design, you can share your plans with us and if wanted we can also further advise you with your design. Our web tool then automatically generates all of the parts needed to build according to your design. This technology is very accurate and reliable so that in the end no parts are missing. Nevertheless, we review your project precisely, create workshop drawings for the manufacturing and then place the order at one of our partner wood workshops.

What are your benefits of the web tool?

The web tool is the foundation to playfully discover what kind of design options are possible. It is a place where you can give free rein to your creativity and adjust your design until you are satisfied with it. At the same time, you can compare prices and see how the price changes when adjusting a variable. Once you want to share your ideas and your created design with us, the transfer of information is really easy thanks to our technology. With our automated system, the parts needed for the building process are easily calculated by the web tool and are therefore absolutely accurate.