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Successful Projects

Thomaz has had the idea of ClipHut 5 years ago. During a university project, they had to develop a system with which you can quickly build shelters for refugees. Since then a lot has happened and the idea has developed into a start-up idea. Here we have a brief overview of our successfully implemented projects in order for you to see where ClipHut stands today.

Gründerstipendium NRW


In January we pitched our start-up idea in front of a jury and received the approval for the Gründerstipendium NRW. This will help us to realise several projects. 


Structural test


TH-OWL Detmold


Assembling and testing the structural stability of the system. Material used OSB. Parts manufacturing time 4 days, Assembly time 2 days, Disassembly process 4 hours!

Collaboration:: Prof. Schulz, Prof. Sachs, Jan Kahre, Guido Brand, Ingmar Rohlf, Markus Opitz, Maria Helena Wilkens, Tomas Mena, Onurcan Kurt, Alvaro Balderrama, Spencer Culhane, Angelina Aziz, Gesana Biti, Supak Kosolsirisukkul, Yonnie Kweon, Azita Mazaheri, Yi Ju.

Sponsor by: EGGER Group

Support of business accelerator - garage33 -


The garge33 is a business accelerator in Paderborn, Germany. Here we receive guidance for our start-up and got an office space

Cliphut Detmold OWL (09) 2017_07_27_small.png
CLPHT 04.jpg
Cliphut Detmold OWL (13) 2017_07_27.png
Cliphut Detmold OWL (12) 2017_07_27.png
Cliphut Detmold OWL (47) 2017_07_27.png
Cliphut Detmold OWL (48) 2017_07_27.png
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