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Grüner Wald

Product variety

One technology, endless opportunities

You live in the city and would like to have a vacation house in the suburb.

You live in a rented apartment and need an extra room for your soon to be born child.

You have a house with a garden, but a room always seems to be lacking for your office or your hobbies.

We have the solution for your individual need. ClipHut is dedicated to make your personal living experience better by responding to your needs. With ClipHut we are offering a technology that can be individualized and used in many different ways. Therefore, we do not have a product catalogue, instead, we believe that there should be a precise and individual problem-solution fit for every person.

With our Clip-technology, we have endless opportunities and options. The technology works always the same but depending on how you clip the pieces into each other you can create different end products, just like with lego bricks. Our products range from interior walls, fair stands, treehouses to houses.